HIDDEN : the stage play

HIDDEN, the stage play, adapted from my Carnegie-nominated novel, is about two teens who pull an asylum seeker out of the sea and hide him to save him from being deported. Dealing with some of the most challenging issues of our times; immigration, refugees, asylum seekers, racism, HIDDEN  asks the question, What would you do for a stranger?

The play is touring small theatres and schools on the south coast, Essex, Bedford and London. You can find out about booking here.

Breathtaking performance of HIDDEN. Thank you so much for coming in with this thought-provoking and inspiring piece.

Priestlands School, Hampshire

Our students were thoroughly engaged and working on the important subject of migration, refugees and asylum seekers. Fantastic!

Arnewood Drama, Hampshire

Inspirational theatre...If you're brave enough at 14, you can save an army...Theatre like this helps inspire bravery.

Noadswood School, Hampshire.

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful character to bring to life... I'm blessed to be part of such a beautiful story.

Inaam Barwani, Actor. Plays Samir in HIDDEN.

A stunning performance... sensitive adaptation of Miriam's thought-provoking novel, HIDDEN. Having read the book twice, so pleased the characters were as I imagined them. Congratulations!

Helen Bonney, award winning song writer and author

Absolutely loved the production tonight. Thought- provoking, sensitive and very 'real'.

Nicki BM

It was the facts. The true facts.

Sayeed, asylum seeker from Sudan.

Superb! Such a powerful, important and timely story with great warmth, wit and humanity. I want to read the book again now.

Dave Cousins, Author.

Congratulations Miriam. It was so powerful. I loved it.

Katie Anne Florez

It was wonderful. So pertinent to today's issues. Really impressed.

Julia Verney.

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Firefly Press, 2018.
Firefly Press, 2018.

Miriam Halahmy successfully uses a light touch with this dark material. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anne Cassidy

This book has completely changed my way of grasping the word 'home'...you will realise what 'home' is and where your real 'home' is by the end.
An Nabeshima, 17 yrs, from Japan.
Holiday House, USA, 2017
Holiday House, USA, 2017

With Vice President, Mary Cash, Holiday House Books, New York. "Miriam's writing speaks directly and urgently to young people about subjects which matter to them and the world. We are delighted to welcome her to Holiday House.”

Troika Books, 2018
Troika Books, 2018

I enjoyed HIDDEN. I liked the way you use real racial comments, it gave the book a realistic real feel to it, instead of seeming like it was obviously made up. I would recommend it to my friends and I would read other books of yours because this one was different from anything that I have read in the past.

Conrad, Y8

The Emergency Zoo is amazing. It is really gripping and you can't be dragged away from it.  

Miriam Berry, 8 yrs.

I really enjoyed The Emergency Zoo. What made me happy was that rather than letting the parents take charge... Tilly and Rosy had the courage to  hide their pets away in their secret den. I think animals deserve to be safe and looked after like people.

I want to read HIDDEN now as you say it's about standing up for what you believe in.

Lola, 10 yrs.

This is truly a gem of a book. I had to sneak it off my daughter's bedside table and couldn't put it down until I'd finished it.

Jane Yates, Teacher.

Holiday House, USA. 2016
Holiday House, USA. 2016

Miriam's books get better and better - there's never a moment when you're bored.

Aisling Copeland, 14.

After hearing Miriam talk today I feel that I want to try writing.

Phoebe Ridgeway, 14

I love the twists in your books, the way I can't predict what Lindy or anyone else is going to do next.

Y8 pupil, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School.