My novels, HIDDEN, ILLEGAL and STUFFED are published by Albury Books.

My three novels are available from Albury Books at this link.

HIDDEN featured on Guardian Children's Books as a "Book to Breed Tolerance."

In January 2015, just after the dreadful attacks in Paris which disturbed children around the world, my novel HIDDEN was listed as one of the books which might help children cope with these bewildering times. You can read the article here.

Ham and High Festival 2014

Here I am on a lovely Book Throne in the bookshop run by Waterstones. I ran two workshops this year, one for teens and one for adults on How to Plot a Novel. Both very successful and great fun!

The workshop on How to Plot a Novel was extremely helpful and invigorating.

Mary Shannon


Hidden chosen for IBBY IRELAND new multicultural resource.

Hidden has been chosen to feature on IMAGINATIONS : Ibby Ireland's new multicultural resource  for 2014 and there is a great review.

"Halahmy's powerful voice animates her story vividly. It is both serious and large in its scope as well as personal and familiar."


Miriam Halahmy on Video

Discussing on  a Panel how I create characters, gathering my glittering treasures like a magpie from my observations of the world around me.



Jess is fifteen, Ryan is seventeen and they are falling in love. But each is keeping a terrible secret from the other.  On a weekend away rock climbing they move closer until a terrifying incident drives a new wedge between them. Can Jess save her family from Dad’s mistakes and will Ryan resolve his mess from the past? If not, then their loved is doomed to failure.



Heartbreaking, painfully clear and filled with suspense, STUFFED

is the third book in the Hayling cycle of three novels by Miriam Halahmy.


What the reviewers are saying...

 Miriam Halahmy really understands troubled teens - and their parents- and portrays them with warmth and optimism.

Angela Kilverstein, Children's Books Editor, JC.

Stuffed gives you a perspective on modern issues while also giving the reader a rush of emotions. 

Jad Faki, 14 years

Magic wands do not exist in Halahmy's writing and her characters have to make tough choices, so we suffer alongside her protagonists as they anticipate their imperfect but realisitic future. Can we hope for more from Halahmy? I hope so.

Bridget Carrington, IBBYLINK

A truly wonderful story... really enjoyed the climbing trip...the atmosphere was very tense...this will be a great catch to teens like me.

 Tamara, 13 years.

Enjoyable, realistic, entertaining read...the author does not wave a wand and magic the problems are left wondering what the future will hold...

Books, Teens and Magazines.

This is good stuff...I was totally caught up and I didn't cringe once, the way you sometimes do over books about teen romance and teen problems.

The Bookwitch

Miriam binds contemporary issues into gripping narratives of friendship and self-discovery like no-one else.

Jo Franklin, author

Couldn't put Stuffed down and was sorry when it ended. Such a satisfying ending and such an interesting story. I did love it!

Leslie Wilson, author.


Guest author : Arvon Lumb Bank.

I was the guest author on a tutored children's writing retreat at the beautiful Arvon house at Lumb Bank, July 31st 2013, with author/tutors Nicky Browne and Steve Voake. We spent a lovely evening in the living room around a cosy fire, as I read my poetry and extracts from HIDDEN and ILLEGAL and talked about the arc of my writing career. As Lumb Bank was orginally Ted Hughes' home, one of the poems I read was about The Iron Man and The Thought-Fox. It sounded just right in that beautiful setting. I hope to be back at Lumb Bank again one day soon.

HIDDEN reviewed in leading Iraqi newspaper : 20.5.13

Hidden by Miriam Halahmy tackles the very serious issues of immigration, racism, judging people and humanitarian feelings. The novel highlights the Iraqi problems with the post- regime and what happened after the invasion when they changed the brutal regime to a sectarian one. All through the eyes of a teenager!
Although this is a Young Adult novel I would agree with other critics that is has been  written for all generations.  An accessible, enjoyable and informative read covering important issues, Hidden should be translated into Arabic.
Ibtesam Al_Tahir : The New Morning (Al-Sabah Al-Jadid)
Issue no.2576, Iraq.

IBBYlink 36, Spring 2013

Wonderful reviews for Hidden and Illegal in the latest edition of IBBYlink produced for the 19th Annual Conference.

HIDDEN  : Plenty here to engage teenage readers and to make them (and adults) think hard about the way we treat each other, whoever and whatever we are.

ILLEGAL : Halahmy writes an exciting adventure story but there's always more than that.

Carnegie Event : Wandsworth July 2012


Miriam visited Wandsworth this July for our joint  Carnegie medal
shadowing event organised by Burntwood School.  Miriam gave a fantastic talk to the pupils - they absolutely loved
her and  she is featured in our display.
Penny Briers, School Librarian

ILLEGAL Meadowside fiction, March 2012

The death of baby Jemma has sent fifteen-year-old Lindy's family into a downward spiral : her brothers are in prison and her parents have given up. The other girls at school all have proper families, with good jobs and nice cars. Why did Lindy get landed with such a useless one?


Lindy thinks she's been thrown a lifeline when her cousin Colin gives her a job, but she's soon out of her depth - he's a drug dealer and forces her to sell cocaine. Terrified that she will go to prison and seeing no way out, Lindy starts self-harming. Then she finds a surprising ally in fellow misfit, Karl, who is mute. Together they embark upon a desperate plan to ensure her freedom.


Illegal is the story of a teenage girl, driven to take desperate measures when all other choices are taken away from her.



Order ILLEGAL on    Amazon  or    The Book Depository

What the Reviewers think about ILLEGAL.

Excellent! Beautifully written and a really strong and gripping story.

Wendy Cooling MBE, co-founder of Bookstart


I was swept off my feet.

Angela Kilverstein, Children's Books Editor, J.C.


Miriam Halahmy has pulled off a difficult trick - a second novel as good as her first. I read it in one gulp, unable to stop. ...looking forward to Stuffed, the third book in the cycle.

Mary Hoffman


Subtly handled...This is a gritty, no holds barrred, nail biting young adult story.

Irish Examiner

Miriam Halahmy has an exceptional ear for dialogue, her characters in Illegal are so vivid and compelling that they ensue a  breathless read from start to end, and her insight into troubled youth has us routing for characters most of us would cross the street to avoid in real life.'

 Lucy van Smit, Children's Writer.

Very exciting and not just one for the girls. Good plot and characters. Setting is ace.

Adele Geras


Illegal maintains a fast pace and high drama, with a chilling undertone leaving the reader guessing what is going to happen right to the very end....Halahmy paints characters and their issues so vividly that it gives them life and meaning far beyond the page.

The Haringey Independent


Well written, gritty contemporary tale. This is an author who can deal with tough, hard-hitting issues and keep things realistic.

The Bookbag, starred review


A great story, maybe even better than Hidden and both equally exciting and equally necessary. I'm looking forward to Miriam's next book.



Illegal is another fascinating story from Miriam Halahmy and although aimed at young people, this is a book which is really enjoyable for adults too.

Katie Martin, BBC Radio Solent


A fantastic read, totally compulsive, unputdownable. The ending will make you cheer.

Leslie Wilson


This book is bursting with realism.



Illegal is at times a heart-wrenching read but it is a book I would highly recommend.

Feeling Fictional


Emotional, powerful, addictive. Had me hooked from page one. Can't wait to read Hidden and Stuffed.

Book Addicted Girl


Miriam tackles some difficult subjects in a sympathetic and age appropriate way.

Tall Tales and Short Stories


Illegal gives a real and valuable insight ino the difficulties many children face, like Lindy, from dysfunctional or chaotic backgrounds or like Karl, who on the surface seems to have it all. 9 year old Sean breaks my heart. I hope that the social worker's intervention and Lindy's support turns his life around. Lindy's parents are, quite rightly, portrayed with compassion and you have shown that with the right support, many families can work through their problems. There have been many challenges in writing this book but they never hold the story back. Well done Miriam, it is definitely a book that everyone should read.

An Adoptive Parent

HIDDEN Meadowside fiction, March 2011

"Gripping story..written with clarity and immediacy." Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times 

Sunday Times Children's Book of the Week, April 2011.

Nominated  : 2012 CILIP Carnegie Medal.


Shortlisted : 2012 Portsmouth Book Award

Shortlisted : 2012  Essex Book Award


Nominated : 2011 People's Prize

Longlisted : 2011 Southern Schools Book Award

Longlisted : 2011 Hampshire Book Award 


HIDDEN on YouTube!!



'There's so much hidden in this little hut, and whatever I've dived into here is only going to get more complicated.'


HIDDEN is a brave debut novel tackling the complex issues of immigration and human-rights laws, through the eyes of teenage Alix. 

A literary coming-of-age novel dealing with courage, prejudice, judgement, and the difficulty of sorting right from wrong. Challenging, charming, compelling.


 Miriam Halahmy never puts a foot wrong in this gripping story focusing on an agonisingly difficult contemporary problem. Tautly written throughout, her fine novel deserves the widest audience.

Nick Tucker, reviewer and broadcaster.

The pace of the narrative carries the reader through the .... messages about justice and integrity.

The Observer 

Hidden is a terrific story. Miriam has managed that rare thing; a serious story told with a comic and emotional touch.

Anne Cassidy

Hidden tackles one of the most contentious issues of our time. Everybody under your roof will find something great in this story.

Katie Martin, BBC Radio Solent

A contemporary novel dealing with contemporary issues...very accessible.

Books for Keeps. Starred review.

Miriam tackles such a hard subject ( racism) amazingly from the perspective of teenagers. GO GET IT NOW! Can't wait to read Illegal.

Steffi - Book Blogger - via Twitter.

Hidden left me feeling inspired and empowered to stand up for the things I believe in...Everyone should read this book...It's invigorating!

The Bookette.

Beautifully written.... a novel about hope.


At a time when British youngsters are increasingly concerned about immigration, it seems very timely to publish a teen adventure about asylum seekers.

Bridget Galton, Ham and High

People grow and learn through this book. It raises all kinds of interesting questions but never loses sight of the fact that what we want to read first and foremost is an interesting story about people we can get to like.

Point this one out to your teachers - they'll thank you for it.

Adele Geras

A brave choice of subject matter.

Tall Tales and Short Stories

The Hayling Island setting is well-evoked and the denouement is inspiring.

Angela Kiverstein, the J.C.

A great story about a very real and current problem.


Miriam Halahmy has addressed an increasingly common situation about which most teenagers know little and has cast an uncomfortable spotlight.

Mary Hoffman

Alix is a marvellous heroine - an apparently ordinarygirl who turns out to have enormous reserves of courage and strength. A novel which will stretch the minds of readers of any age.

Rosalie Warren

Brilliant! Un-put-downable! I liked the fact it was an Iraqi refugee as we rarely 'see' them. They are not as visible as other groups. Next installment please."

Mary Masaba

I am represented by the Anne Clark Literary Agency.

Comments from young people about HIDDEN and ILLEGAL.

I enjoyed HIDDEN. I liked the way you use real racial comments, it gave the book a realistic real feel to it, instead of seeming like it was obviously made up. I would recommend it to my friends and I would read other books of yours because this one was different from anything that I have read in the past.

Conrad, Y8

I live in London and I'm used to the mixed culture. I am starting to read HIDDEN over again so I can fully understand how Samir ad Alix change throughout the story from their experiences and friendship. I was even thinking of starting a draft of a sequel myself because I think this story deserves a 10/10 award! Everytime I finish a book I like I begin to adapt a movie or create a fanmade DVD cover. Would you consider a sequel?

Safirah, 16 years.

We recently read Illegal and Hidden and ABSOLUTELY ADORED THEM!!

Ella and Orli, 12 years.

Illegal was absolutely amazing, and I really did love it. You wrote it so well, and I couldn't put it down! I read it all in a day - I can honestly say it is one of my favourite books - and being a total bookworm I've read millions!!! :)
Ella,  12yrs 
Ella and Orli at Alyth
Ella and Orli at Alyth

Miriam's books get better and better - there's never a moment when you're bored.

Aisling Copeland, 14. Hayling College.

I love the twists in your books, the way I can't predict what Lindy or anyone else is going to do next.

Y8 pupil, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School.

After hearing Miriam talk today I feel that I want to try writing. I can't wait for Stuffed to come out.

Phoebe Ridgeway, 14. Hayling College.

With Phoebe on Hayling.
With Phoebe on Hayling.

Illegal is a gripping book. I was hooked on each page and could not wait to read on. I think this is Miriam’s best book so far and I would say it is suitable for any age. There was a lot of action and it made my mind think ahead.

Matthew, 17 yrs.

Matthew at Illegal launch
Matthew at Illegal launch


A real page turner ..... amazing plotline. Never a dull moment. As soon I read Illegal I bought Hidden which turned out to be just as good.

The characters in Illegal are really believable. It’s like you are reading a story about your own life. My favourite bit was when Lindy was on Karl’s motorbike with Sean because at this point the book was un- put- downable. There are many other good things about this book but I cannot list them all.

Joseph Helm, 10 years


I have read Illegal and it was just brilliant. I really liked that you linked the characters from Hidden, and I'm excited to see what happens in the next one :)

Yeme, 17 years.

I very much enjoyed Hidden and it made me think about asylum seekers and refugees. Alix and Samir inspired me very much!

Miriam Summerfield, 13 yrs.

I really enjoyed your book, it made me think about other people in other countries more. Can't wait to read ILLEGAL.

Holly Parkes.

Hidden is a book about a serious issue written in a light and entertaining way but with enough gravity to be a real eye-opener into the world of immigration. It left me thinking way after the last page. A very enjoyable read, I would recommend it to literally anyone.

Yeme Onoabhagbe, 17 yrs.

I very much enjoyed Hidden  and  if I was you I would sign it for every book in every school so they can remember who wrote the book and how amazing that person  is at writing such an amazing book. I found it so interesting.This is a book review for Hidden.
Lucy Crawford. Portsmouth.

With Lucy at Ports Lit Quiz
With Lucy at Ports Lit Quiz

I liked this book a lot as it has a very original subject which I hardly knew about. I would recommend it to any friend.

Jess Rodnight, 12 yrs.

Amazing book, I would recommend it to everyone. A real page turner. Go and buy it now. 

Jad Faki, 13 yrs

Hidden addresses one of the most current debates in the UK today - immigration and asylum seekers. Miriam addresses this with flare and to top it all its based on our home town - Hayling Island. Miriam Halahmy is truly a magnificent author. She makes you think and think.

Phoebe Ridgway, 14 yrs.

Phoebe, Hayling College.
Phoebe, Hayling College.

How did you link an Iraqi young man called Mohammed to a relatively unheard of island called Hayling?

Jordan Shortman,

15 yrs.

Interview for the Hayling Islander.

I am not much of a reader but I read pretty much the whole book in a day....The story was really good!

Ellie, 14 years.

Although I am more into dark and mysterious books I thought that this book gave me an insight into a topic I do not know well. I do know Hayling very well and I was wondering whether this was based on a true story?

Jesse, 14 years

No Jesse, this is not a true story, but there are many true bits to it, as told to me by asylum seekers. I am glad you enjoyed the book.

Miriam Halahmy