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I write short stories, novels and poetry for children, teens and adults. My books are realistic stories and my characters are ordinary people faced with dilemmas who have to dig deep to find the hero inside themselves. I like writing about secrets that cannot be revealed until the problem is solved. Ultimately, I write because I have something to say.


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Next publication : BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, Holiday House, March 2017.

Behind Closed Doors, my new Y.A. novel, will be published in America in March 2017 by Holiday House.

Josie has a secret: her mother is a hoarder. Tasha has a secret, too: her mother s new boyfriend keeps trying to sneak into her room and seduce her. The two 16-year-olds don t get along at school, but one night Tasha bolts from her dangerous home and finds herself at Josie s door. Josie s mother is in jail for debt, and the girls are alone in the cramped, crowded, bursting home. Slowly, they begin to talk about the challenges they face, a process of sharing that lessens their shame, guilt and fear. With each other s support, they may even find a way to save themselves from their parents demons. Behind Closed Doors is an unflinching examination of the stigmas surrounding mental illness, abuse and poverty, and an affirming portrayal of the power of female friendships and the power of honesty to heal.


The Emergency Zoo (Alma Books, 2016)


The Emergency Zoo is a tautly written and compelling novel. Presents complex ideas accessibly and should appeal to adults as well as children.

The Lady Magazine

It's a story that needed to be told; what happened to animals before and during the war is glossed over. By telling the story in such a compassionate manner, from the viewpoint of children, the author has enlightened us and given us a new understanding.

Parents in Touch

This simple story has considerable depth...this is a tremendous book for a gentle exploration of one small facet of WW2

Minerva Reads

A classic den-in-the-woods adventure and a subtle fable about asylum seekers.

Angela Kilverstein. JC

This is a sympathetic and moving story of a side of war that doesn't receive much attention and fills a gap in children's war literature.

Childtastic Books

I rate it as a 5*, jaw dropping book. Animal lovers will love this book.

Lily, 9 years

Echoes of Morris Gleitzman and Michael Morpurgo - Miriam Halahmy has written a remarkable book.

Anne Booth, author of Girl with a White Dog

This book is sure to be enjoyed by animal lovers, history enthusiasts and fans of children outwitting the grown ups.

Library Girl and Book Boy

I have a two book deal with American publisher Holiday House!!

They will publish HIDDEN, my book about two teens who rescue an asylum seeker from the sea, (September 2016) and BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, a brand new Y.A. novel about a girl whose mother is a hoarder, ( Spring 2017).  Mary Cash, editor-in-chief at Holiday House,said, "Miriam's writing speaks directly and urgently to young people about subjects which matter to them and the world. We are delighted to welcome her to Holiday House.”The deal was announced in The Bookseller. ( Jan 8th 2016)


Danish publisher, Turbine,  have bought the rights to HIDDEN. I'm delighted that I will be published soon in Denmark and look forward to seeing the new cover too!

I am represented by Anne Clark Literary Agency.

The Emergency Zoo is amazing. It is really gripping and you can't be dragged away from it.  

Miriam Berry, 8 yrs.

This is truly a gem of a book. I had to sneak it off my daughter's bedside table and couldn't put it down until I'd finished it.

Jane Yates, Teacher.

Miriam's books get better and better - there's never a moment when you're bored.

Aisling Copeland, 14.

After hearing Miriam talk today I feel that I want to try writing.

Phoebe Ridgeway, 14

With Phoebe on Hayling.
With Phoebe on Hayling.

I love the twists in your books, the way I can't predict what Lindy or anyone else is going to do next.

Y8 pupil, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School.

I enjoyed HIDDEN. I liked the way you use real racial comments, it gave the book a realistic real feel to it, instead of seeming like it was obviously made up. I would recommend it to my friends and I would read other books of yours because this one was different from anything that I have read in the past.

Conrad, Y8