HIDDEN : the stage play

"If you're fourteen and brave enough you can save an army"

HIDDEN, the stage play, adapted from my Carnegie-nominated novel, is about two teens who pull an asylum seeker out of the sea and hide him to save him from being deported. Dealing with some of the most challenging issues of our times; immigration, refugees, asylum seekers, racism, HIDDEN  asks the question, What would you do for a stranger?

Director, Stuart Mullins. 

Script by Vickie Donoghue.

In Autumn 2018 the HIDDEN play toured 16 schools; The Place Theatre, Bedford; Guildhall Portsmouth and Alyth Synagogue in NW London.

Here are some photos and reaction to the play from our audiences.

Wowsers!  What a fabulous morning we had!  The teachers who came (which included our head teacher) were absolutely delighted with the involvement of our kids and this is all down to a) extraordinary acting b) a brilliant script and c) an excellent book (and all the bits in between).  Thank you so much for coming to Fortismere and putting on such an inspiring production for us.

Gil Ward, Librarian, Fortismere School

What a wonderful play!  The acting was fabulous, story line brilliant and it was very eye opening.  I loved it. 

Linus, Y8, Fortismere School, London

Hugely powerful, brilliantly written, performed and directed - captivated all. Great to see an audience member translate from Arabic for his classmate. This is a performance which is impacting on so many young people.

Sita Brahmachari, Author.

Massive thank you for bringing HIDDEN to our school. Absolutely unforgettable performance! Fantastic acting, gripping story and a powerful message.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School (EGA)

I feel so privileged to have watched this play at EGA today - you could have heard a pin drop it was so engrossing. Powerful words and drama.

Lesley Sanderson, teacher.

The play left me speechless.

Y9 student. Hampshire

Really good this play was set down on Hayling instead of somewhere you always hear about on the news like Greece.

Y9 student, Portsmouth

Breathtaking performance of HIDDEN. Thank you so much for coming in with this thought-provoking and inspiring piece.

Priestlands School, Hampshire

Our students were thoroughly engaged and working on the important subject of migration, refugees and asylum seekers. Fantastic!

Arnewood Drama, Hampshire

Inspirational theatre...If you're brave enough at 14, you can save an army...Theatre like this helps inspire bravery.

Noadswood School, Hampshire.

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful character to bring to life... I'm blessed to be part of such a beautiful story.

Inaam Barwani, Actor. Plays Samir in HIDDEN.

A stunning performance... sensitive adaptation of Miriam's thought-provoking novel, HIDDEN. Having read the book twice, so pleased the characters were as I imagined them. Congratulations!

Helen Bonney, award winning song writer and author

Absolutely loved the production tonight. Thought- provoking, sensitive and very 'real'.

Nicki BM

It was the facts. The true facts.

Sayeed, asylum seeker from Sudan.

Superb! Such a powerful, important and timely story with great warmth, wit and humanity. I want to read the book again now.

Dave Cousins, Author.

Congratulations Miriam. It was so powerful. I loved it.

Katie Anne Florez

It was wonderful. So pertinent to today's issues. Really impressed.

Julia Verney.

If you are in London tonight I would highly recommend going to see HIDDEN. The reviews are great and the story is so relevant today.

Anne Booth, Author.

Wonderful evening watching the stage version of HIDDEN at Alyth Gardens. An intense and powerful production.

Savita Kalhan, Author.

HIDDEN at Fortismere School, North London : workshops with Kirsty Jackson who plays Alix.

HIDDEN at The Place Theatre, Bedford.

The cast on Hayling Beach where HIDDEN is set.

HIDDEN at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School, Islington, London.

HIDDEN at the Guildhall, Portsmouth

HIDDEN at Alyth Synagogue, NW London.

Q and A with me and Director, Stuart Mullins. Photo by Ann Harding.
Q and A with me and Director, Stuart Mullins. Photo by Ann Harding.