This anthology combines fiction, poetry and art work to tell tales of the experiences of refugee children.  This collection encourages kindness and emapthy and the building of bridge, not walls, in order to understand the plight of those seeking a safe place to call home.

My story, The Memory Box, focuses on the plight of two teenage boys in an unsympathetic foster home in Kent, after their arrival.


Chosen for the 2020 Empathy Collection.



GIVE ME SHELTER (Francis Lincoln 2007, edited by Tony Bradman.)

Stories about children who seek asylum

Shortlisted for the UKLA award 2008.


Samir Hakkim’s Healthy Eating Diary’by Miriam Halahmy

How do you explain life in Baghdad to your classmates in an English primary school? It is 2002 and Samir’s family have all been arrested by Saddam Hussein, so his uncle has smuggled him out of Iraq to save his life. All alone in England with no friends or family, ten year old Samir writes a diary to try and understand his new life.



UNDER THE WEATHER ( Francis Lincoln, 2009, edited by Tony Bradman.)

Stories about climate change


Tommo and the Bike Train  by Miriam Halahmy

Timely and hugely relevant ....this collection also shows that there is hope as children take action to make changes.

Julia Eccleshare, review on Lovereading4kids