Nominated for the 2021

CILIP Carnegie Medal

Longlisted for the Southern

Schools Book Award.


Always Here For You

14-year-old Holly is lonely. Her parents are never around after Gran's Crisis and best friend Amy to Canada, loved-up with her new boyfriend, Gabe. Holly has no-one to hang out with at school apart from moody Ellen and misfit Tim.

Home alone in Brighton with no-one to talk to, Holly is at rock bottom. That is, until she finds Jay. Caring, funny and with so much in common, Jay is the perfect guy. They chat online, but Holly knows to be careful, she's heard the horror stories. As they grow closer and closer, chatting with Jay is all that makes Holly happy. Mum and Dad's rows get more intense and Amy's radio silence continues; the only one who understands is Jay. As Holly lets her guard down, is Jay all he seems? Is Holly in too deep? And is it too late?


A tense story about a very real danger... pacey and successfully builds tension... frighteningly realistic potrayal of the dangers of on-line grooming. Needs reading!"

North Somerset Teachers Book Award

Poignant, powerful and educational

Emma Suffield, SLA UK School librarian of the Year.

A powerful, gripping story of online grooming...should be read in every class of every secondary school...add to your reading pile.

Annie Everall OBE; Consultant for Libraries, Director of Authors Aloud

A chilling read full of suspense.

Keren David

With stunning characterisations, this book paints a very realistic picture of how easy it is to be taken in on the Internet.

Fallen Star Stories

Absolutely amazing.

Phoebe, 11 yrs.

A very important book.

From Bee With Love

A heart-stopping potrayal. Essential reading for teens and parents of teens - this book may well save lives.

Angela Kiverstein, Children's Books Reviewer, JC.

Miriam has inhabited the world of today's teens to bring her readers a gripping, convincing and menacing story... made my skin crawl... cautionary and incredibly well-crafted tale, I adored this book... off to check out Miriam's backlist.

Jo Robertson, My Chestnut Reading Tree

Sends a clear message how to understand the use of social media in a cautious and sensible manner...would be a good resource for any school library...if you have a teen in your family, get this book for them.

Galina : Chez Maximka

A poignant book with a very important message for teens.

Lucas Maxwell, Portable Magic Dispenser

Truly gripping 

 Saffia Farr, Editor, JUNO magazine

A must-read of our time Gave me total chills. I could really picture myself in Holly's shoes. Recommend to all teenagers and all my friends - I think it is important both read it to be honest.

 WRD Magazine

An important reminder about online safety for a generation that often take the validity of their online relationships for granted.

Sarah Churchill

Compelling, insightful and urgently important.

Beth Farrar, Kooth Content Creator

A must read for all parents 

Motherhood : The Real Deal

Gives voice to important issues in an accessible and compelling read.

Parent Talk magazine

A must read book for all ages... both a teen thriller and a warning...Miriam had me completely hooked.

Teen Librarian, Matt Imrie