ILLEGAL, Troika Books



If Jemma had lived, none of this would have happened. I'd have been too busy to get dragged into this filthy, illegal business...

Since Lindy's baby sister died, her family have been caught in a downward spiral. Her brothers are in prison and her parents have given up. Soon Lindy is out of her depth too, caught in the centre of an international drugs ring with no way out. Then Lindy finds help from an unexpected ally: weird, mute Karl from school. Together they plan a daring and desperate escape. But when you're in this deep, can you ever be free?




Well written, gritty.... an author who can deal with tough hard-hitting issues and keep things realistic.

The Bookbag

Emotional, powerful, addictive.

Book Addicted Girl

A great read that explores family relationships, identity and mutism. You'll be rooting for Lindy throughout.

Savita Kalhan, YA author


This book is bursting with realism; there is no fun or fantasy here, just real life at it's most grittiness. Miriam Halahmy knows how to tackle difficult and often delicate subjects, making them accessible to the YA market.

Serendipity Reviews

Illegal explores feelings of loss, loneliness, bravery and the power of friendship. It shows how it can only take one person to change someone’s life for the worst, and only one person to turn someone’s life around for the better. The book handles serious issues with a light touch that make the book even more powerful and emotional and will stay with you for a long time after the last page has been read.